Toasted rapeseed meal is obtained from high-quality rape seeds by the “pre-pressing-extraction” technique and using the equipment manufactured by leading world producers.

This feed stuff is fabricated by toasting method (deactivation of enzymes and pathogenic germs) while preserving the natural structure of simple proteins.


Rapeseed meal

Quality indicators of product

Toasted rapeseed meal is a natural nutritious feed stuff, biologically clean, without by-products applied while processing fats and oils, with high content of soluble proteins. It contains oil-soluble vitamins of “E”, “B” and “F” groups, soluble fibre, phosphorus and other substances nutritious for animals.

Toasted rapeseed meal is a high-quality ingredient in preparation of nutritious combined feed for cattle breeding.

Quality and safety indicators of toasted rapeseed meal meet the requirements of ГОСТ 30257-95 TOASTED RAPESEED MEAL, namely:

  • humidity – maximum 11.5%.
  • total mass of crude protein, fat and extractives – at least 35%;
  • weight ratio of crude fibre – maximum 14%;
  • glucosinolate content – maximum 34 μmole/g.