Monitoring quality and safety of raw materials, intermediate and finished products

Severe competition at the market of oil and fat products as well as harmonization of Ukrainian standards and procedures with international ones makes new demands on quality assurance and product safety.

The laboratory was designed and put into operation for testing raw materials, intermediate and finished products. Smart software and procedures used at the laboratory cover all production phases by the control and testing for quality and safety.

In addition to improving the product quality and safety, decrease of production losses is another important function of the laboratory intended to reduce production costs and increase production efficiency.

Our innovations

  • While equipping the modern measurement laboratory, our professionals have selected comprehensive test systems and modern instruments manufactured by leading global producers. These systems and instruments allow to test quality and safety of raw materials and finished products as well as help to stimulate commissioning forks at the factory.
  • We are able to measure oil content in the incoming oil in on-line mode or to identify seeds characteristics before their procurement using a NMR-analyser intended to define the content of oil and moisture in raw materials and processing products. This information allows to take decision concerning procurement of quality raw or waiving to buy seeds of inadequate quality.
  • Moisture content analysers for rapid measurement of moisture content in raw materials and any products of oilseed processing allow efficient management of production processes.
  • A glucosinolate content analyser in rape seeds and products of their processing (rapeseed meal) allows to form batches of raw materials with corresponding raw quality during their procurement thus intensifying the acceptance process.
  • An automated sampler at the input control of raw materials eliminates physical labour, intensifies processes of incoming inspection and raw material acceptance.

Certification of the Company operating processes

While planning product output and sales at global markets, the Company reinforced its warranties in ensuring quality and safety. The safety management system for fabrication crude vegetable oils is certified according to ISO 22000:2018 standard, which is based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) principles – the concept that provides regular identification, assessment and management of the factors that significantly affect the product safety.

The system is aimed to preventively eliminate the risk of possible biological, chemical and physical hazards in production processes and ensures product traceability throughout the whole manufacturing chain.

Our management system operates by ISO 22000:2018 and demonstrates the compliance of applicable statutory and regulatory requirements for food safety to a customer.