Our company ensures safe labour conditions

Enhancement of the culture of labour protection and safety is a Свид-во работодательpermanent process in our activity, we are making efforts to improve procedures and the manner of the practical work performance.

Safe procedures are of great importance for the Company while operating manufacturing equipment and processes. On this basis, we implement and continuously improve the following occupational safety rules:

  • Conducting regular and special trainings on occupational safety (training schedules and frequency depend on the work specificity).
  • Arrangement of work places according to occupational safety requirements.
  • The Company has a special Occupational Safety Department, persons responsible for labour protection.
  • Provision of operating staff with the necessary personal protective equipment.
  • Periodic medical examinations.
  • Inspection of workplaces for the compliance with the safety standards by company commissions and representatives of authorized agencies.

Procedures and practices of the employees’ self-interest and reward strategy

About 400 people are employed in our company; its total success depends on the abilities and skills of each employee. We offer the most favourable conditions for all staff members:

  • Competitive legitimate salary that exceeds the average one in the oil and fat industry of Ukraine;
  • Timely payment of salary;
  • Payment of all social contributions;
  • Compliance of labour legislation;
  • A trade union committee operates at the factory to ensure social protection of employees;
  • The Company delivers employees to the factory (a production site is located outside the city).