General information about the Company

  • Crushing sunflower seeds – 700 tons per day.
  • Crushing rape seeds – 500 tons per day.
  • One-time storage of raw materials in modern elevator using high preparation technologies (drying using environmentally-safe agent) – 100,000 m3 (one-time storage of sunflower seeds is up to 42,500 tons).
  • One-time storage of finished products using modern technologies:

– vegetable oils, crude (sunflower seed and rapeseed) – 5,000 m3;
– toasted (sunflower seed and rapeseed) meal, with high protein content, in pellets – 3,180 m3.

  • Generation of water process steam using environmentally-safe material (sunflower husk) – 24 tons per hour.
  • Total number of employees – 400 people.
  • The Company has the monitoring and measurement laboratory, which performs incoming quality and safety control of raw materials, process control at all production phases as well as quality and safety control of finished products.

Activities of the Company

  • Crushing of oil seeds (sunflower and rapeseed) on a customer-furnished basis. This process includes acceptance of oilseeds and their crushing by hulling, toasting and graining of sunflower seed meal, rape seed crushing using inactivation technology.
  • Sale of the following products fabricated during crushing of oil seeds both at the Ukrainian market and for export:

– crude sunflower seed oil, first grade, in bulk;
– toasted sunflower seed meal, with high protein content, in pellets;
– crude rapeseed oil, first grade, in bulk;
– toasted rapeseed meal, with high protein content.

  • Provision of services for storage oil seeds in an elevator and seed preparation for their processing (cleaning and drying).

Within a contract of the customer-furnished processing, the Company offers its partners the service on storing oil seed (sunflower seeds and rape seeds) at the elevator with a total capacity for simultaneous storage of 42,5 thousand tons by sunflower seeds as well as preparation of oil seeds for crushing (sunflower and rape seeds) at modern specialized process equipment made by leading domestic and foreign manufacturers and using modern technologies (drying with environmentally-safe agent and seed cleaning with classification by size and aerodynamic properties).