The first-grade crude sunflower seed oil is produced by the “pre-pressing – extraction” technique and using the equipment manufactured by leading world producers.


Crude Sunflower Seed Oil

Quality Indicators

It is a natural high-quality product made from Ukrainian high-quality sunflower seeds. No chemical agents or processes are used in its manufacturing; therefore, the natural composition, colour and flavour typical for sunflower seed oil are preserved.

Crude first-grade sunflower seed oil is a nutritious food product and is the most concentrated energy source for humans. It contains active ingredients: mono – and polyunsaturated fatty acids: omega- 6, omega – 9 (fat soluble vitamins “E” and “F”), phospholipids, phytosterol.

Crude first-grade sunflower seed oil is a high-quality raw material for oil processing industry (food production).

Quality and safety indicators of crude sunflower seed oil of first grade meet the requirements of ДСТУ 4492:2005 SUNFLOWER SEED OIL

∙ Colour quantity, mg of iodine – maximum; 25;
∙ Acid value, mg КОN/g – maximum 4.0;
∙ Weight fraction of fatless substances,% – maximum 0.1;
∙ Weight fraction of humidity and volatile substances, % – maximum 0.2;
∙ Weight fraction of phosphate-containing substances, %, equivalent to stearo-oleo-lecitine – maximum: 0.6;
∙ Terminal acceptance temperature, °C – maximum: 35;
∙ Flash point of extraction oil, °C – at least 225;
∙ Peroxide number, mol/kg – maximum 7.0.